Day-Key Construction Consultants 



Facilitation of projects to minimize risk

Supplementation of forces to maximize your 

knowledge and expertise

Why Third Party Management is Beneficial

  • Produce an effective team to be successful

  • Protect your interest in new projects

  • Consultants – benefits and insurance of successful projects

  • Risk Management

  • Change your overall image and move to the next level

  • Experience

  • Procurement/architecture/contractors/consultants/inspections/commissioning

  • Protection of your investment

  • New Construction can be rewarding again

  • Eliminate the unforeseen conditions that can damage your progress and affect the bottom line

​Most businesses are consumed with managing an expanding and successful business; construction will interfere with your ability to effectively manage your day to day activities. 

Question you need to ask when selecting an Owner Representative.

  • Does your company have the ability to do construction

  • Do you have the understanding of processes and procedures

  • Are you familiar with standard construction contract negotiation

  • AIA contracts and procedures

  • Do you have knowledge of General Contractor dealings

  • Are you prepared to have the difficult conversations with the parties involved in the event of a problem? Making the hard decisions

  • Municipalities typically have difficult processes that can be overlooked, Utilities can affect the ability to move forward

  • Can you manage the property after completion

  • Knowledge of the newest state of the art equipment and processes

  • Have you received everything you paid for!

  • Do you Know what you are paying for and why?

  • Are you familiar with the current pricing of materials and equipment

What we do:

  • Become your direct employee

  • Protect your company

  • Facilitate all parties

  • Manage the process and take a leadership role

  • Act in the owners best interest in all phases of development to construction completion.

  • Guide internal staff in effectively completing their tasks

  • Manage the overall process with past experience and qualified personnel

  • Allow Ownership the ability to successfully perform their day to day activities and feel protected.

  • Make the overall construction process less burdensome and more simplified​

Programming description for success

Master vs Initial phasing

  • Work with ownership to establish the budget and financial parameters
  • Effectively negotiate the consultant fees to match the level of service
  • Procurement of design professionals that can adequately perform the task required
  • Determine the phasing of immediate needs vs the long term plan
  • Oversee the initial design creation to meet your needs
  • Review utility needs to service the master program
  • Manage the design process with updates to owner
  • Establish and review construction budgets
  • Provide development team leadership and coordination of hospitality pre-development;
  • Assist owner in creation of the project schedule;
  • Undertake a market analysis, review competitive properties and evaluate rate and occupancy levels;
  • Develop project requirements and design criteria;
  • Develop the business concept, branding and positioning
  • Prepare detailed planning and space program including:
  • Review development budgets and evaluate project costs;
  • Review project schedule and timing;
  • Assist Owner with entitlements and approvals. Attend meetings and hearings as needed;
  • Prepare initial pre-opening, OS&E, FF&E, operational budgets and projections for the hotel;
  • Assist Owner to prepare licenses and permits list;
  • Coordinate and assist in management of all outside Consultants;
  • Review and assist Owner with contract negotiations of F&B Operator to review industry benchmarks and guidelines;
  • Review and assist owner with the branding and marketing consultant, assist restaurant concept and positioning (Brand Identity).
  • Coordinate necessary third party reports (including geotechnical, engineering, environmental, etc);
  • Manage outside hospitality consultants
  • Assist Owner with the selection and contract negotiations of architects, interior designers, graphic and other design professionals and consultants;
  • Review conceptual and schematic plans (in light of aesthetic and program requirements) and recommend revisions to the current plans;
  • With the project architect, develop design concept and hotel layout, including develop schematic, design development and construction plans;
  • With the project interior designer, develop the residential condominium model unit design, finishes and furnishings;
  • Create the restaurant, bar and lounge concept;
  • Review plans, drawings and specifications and recommend revisions;
  • With the graphic designer, develop the hotel collateral material and website;
  • With PR firm, develop and direct pre-opening strategic marketing and PR campaign;
  • Make information technology assumptions and recommendations


  • Properly select qualified construction professionals that can perform the work
  • Oversee the bid and selection process of general contractors
  • Review bids of sub-contractors to ensure minimal risk to ownership
  • Establish all contractual requirements and ensure they are met and implemented
  • Create an on-site presence that has control and manages the construction team
  • Manage all direct site responsibilities as the owner
  • Perform weekly quality control inspections and make the owner’s presence felt throughout the project.
  • Evaluation of all payment requests and properly approve/reject monthly payments
  • Scrutinize change requests or unwarranted change orders
  • Ensure schedules are met and ownership is kept well-informed
  • Navigate ownership on completion of opening tasks

General items of note that we oversee – but not limited to...

  • Transportation engineering. Traffic study –
  • Civil Geotechnical survey. 
  • Height requirements or restrictions.
  • Fire protection design
  • Landscape design
  • Pool design concept
  • Surveillance design
  • Security systems
  • City/County Utility coordination
  • Testing reports
  • RFI logs
  • Submittals
  • Change Orders
  • Pay applications
  • Food service
  • Surveillance
  • Security (Internal Systems)
  • Owners security hardware
  • Back of house furniture
  • Internet and technology
  • Telephone systems
  • Hospitality software
  • Housekeeping requirements
  • Procurement and purchasing internal FFE and OSE items
  • Facilities – how to adjust to  new facility
  • Gaming Commission
  • Slots
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical